Accounting SWAG was started by a CPA in Texas in 2019 who suffered horrible bouts of pun-itis on the job. It began with small puns during conversations, but over time spiraled out of control until he felt the urge to finish every other sentence with a joke. His coworkers sympathized with his ailment, often engaging in light chuckles to help ease his pain. Unfortunately, social diagnosis revealed his condition would result in a short tax year unless a treatment could be found. Fortunately, the miracle cure came about when the ailing CPA decided to make a T-shirt for his colleagues based on his witticisms. Sure enough, the moment the design was applied to cloth his health began to improve. An added bonus was that his coworkers really liked the shirts and wanted more! For now, this CPA decided to stick with putting the designs on coffee mugs as most firms probably don’t have T-shirts in their dress code. However! Someday (perhaps) T-shirts will arrive and then you can wear your profession, and these awful jokes, on your sleeve.

By shopping at Accounting SWAG you’re joining the fight against pun-itis and providing the cure for this mildly inconvenient disease from spreading to those who have no basis telling jokes.